Christy came to our office with the goal of having a drastic change in the appearance of her teeth. it was only then that we learned her problems were much more serious, but certainly treatable.

Christy suffered a great deal from migraines and headaches. they were so bad that she would limit the amount of activities she was able to do with her children. her headaches would last for hours, or even days, with little or no relief from medication.

Christy suffered from a bad bite. because her teeth did not fit together properly, it caused her jaw to not function in an “ideal” position. because of this, her muscles functioned at an elevated level of stress that we were able to track. the unnecessary stress that these muscles carried resulted in a great deal of pain for Christy in the form of migraines.

Our first objective was to locate the ideal position in space where her jaw would function with the least amount of muscles stress. at that point it was determined exactly what types of cosmetic restorations would be needed to both maintain this position as well as achieve a beautiful smile.

The actual smile makeover took two appointments to complete. the first appointment prepared all of her teeth to accept the final porcelain veneers and crowns. at this point temporaries were put in place. approximately one month later, we removed the temporaries and placed the final restorations. with only a few additional appointments for slight bite adjustments her dream smile was complete.

Initially her goal was to have a “perfect smile”. in the end, the biggest benefit to her was the elimination of her migraines and headaches. she also does not require medication to prevent these from occurring. the smile is now the bonus. her children have their mom back. no longer is she going home in the evening to recover from pain, but instead she gets to be a pain free mom that spends more time with her children.