Teeth Whitening

Let your teeth shine on! With the power of professional teeth whitening, you'll have that extra boost of confidence that comes from a set of white, healthy teeth. Be ready to Smile More with a mouth full of pearly whites that makes showing them off irresistible.

Whiter, Brighter Teeth

There are plenty of reasons to want whiter teeth. Over time, food and beverages, as well as the use of tobacco products, can leave your teeth looking less and less shiny white. Professional teeth whitening at our dental office in West Lafayette, IN can give you back that healthy-looking bright smile you’ve been missing.

Teeth Whitening Options

Professional strength take home whitening treatments are the most cost-effective way to whiten your teeth. Various strengths of solution allow you to wear the trays anywhere from an hour up to all night (all night – 16%, 1hr – 22%).  Treatment time varies for each patient; however, on average, optimal results will be visible in two to three weeks. Your new shade can typically be maintained by wearing your whitening trays a few nights a month or as needed depending on your habits. Whitening solution refills are available at our office and provide the most cost / benefit way of maintaining your new bright smile.

In office treatments provide a jump start to whitening and can lighten your teeth several shades in just over an hour. This option is great for those that are restricted on time. While it is a quick and effective treatment method, it is also the most costly. The use of take-home trays is also required for maintaining your new shade.

Over the counter strips, such as Crest Strips, are well known for whitening teeth. While they provide beneficial results for some, they do have some drawbacks. Since whitening strips adhere to the exterior surface of the teeth, it is more difficult for the whitening strip to come into contact and penetrate areas where the teeth come together. This can make uniform results more difficult to achieve. What comes as a surprise to many is that for ongoing maintenance, it is often more costly to continue purchasing over the counter whitening strips than it is to use professional strength whitening solution from our office.

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I contacted this dental office after recently moving to the area. The staff is very friendly and treats me like I have been coming for years. The treatment for my toothache was clearly explained to me and they offered several options, one of which was seeking a specialists opinion before proceeding. I did have the procedure done at this office because I felt that my well being was their top priority. Highly recommend. A++++

D. Penns

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Caring, friendly, knowledgable staff in a calm, welcoming environment-- what more can you want?! Linda, Jean, Anna, Rob, and of course Dr. Swoverland all go above and beyond. I've been going to Dr. Swoverland for almost 20 years. No complaints!!

R. Jay-Bee 

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I am beyond happy with my results... I began by getting Invisalign to straighten my teeth a few years ago. I loved the results but recently decided I wanted to do something about the stains on my teeth that I’ve had since I was a kid. I had a consultation and it was decided I would try veneers. I LOVE them... I would definitely recommend Impressions Dental to anyone needing any type of dental work! Very professional staff and a clean, friendly environment.

B. Lightle