Kathy’s Smile Makeover Journey

Kathy’s makeover required neuromuscular therapy to correct her jaw position. As you can see, she had many missing and broken down teeth. This did not allow her muscles to function in a “happy” position. As a result, Kathy experienced headaches, head, neck, and shoulder pain. In addition to her bad bite, Kathy also did not have the perfect smile she had always wanted.

Kathy’s bite was corrected with neuromuscular therapy. She had an amazing change in her facial shape just with an hour of relaxation. This shows how much of an affect muscle relaxation can have on our overall facial shape.

With the jaw in the correct position, Dr. Swoverland prepared her upper teeth and temporized them until her porcelain veneers and crowns arrive. One the porcelain is bonded into place, Dr. Swoverland repeated the process for the lower teeth. Some follow up appointments were necessary to perfect her smile esthetically. Now Kathy can’t stop smiling. She has noted individuals commenting on her new appearance and improved self confidence.