Kim’s treatment included neuromuscular therapy to correct her jaw position, and was followed by full mouth reconstruction to maintain her ideal position. In addition, Kim received periodontal therapy to improve the healthiness of her gum tissues and eliminate infection.

Kim’s Smile Makeover Journey

Kim stood out from hundreds of applicants from her very first visit. She suffered from TMJ noise, which caused a great deal of popping and clicking in her joint. She also had difficulty in opening her mouth, which became painfully. She also suffered from neck and other postural problems. In addition to the pains that Kim suffered, she also had many interoral signs that showed us her bite was not functioning in the correct position. Some of these were severely worn teeth, crowded teeth, and breakdown of her natural teeth. When all of this was information was gathered, we knew that Kim would benefit from neuromuscular therapy.

During her neuromusuclar therapy, Kim also underwent periodontal therapy, which treated infection she had in the gum tissues. It was important to treat this infection, as if it was left untreated, it would progress to the point that her teeth would begin to become mobile. Over time, this could lead to tooth lose.

When the gum tissues were healthy, and Dr. Swoverland felt comfortable with Kim’s new bite and jaw position, we began her reconstruction. Kim’s reconstruction was done in four appointments, although it is possible to be completed in two appointments. Her first appointment consisted of the preparation and temporaization of her upper teeth. About one month later, we delivered her porcelain restorations. The same process was then done on her upper teeth.

Upon completion it is usually necessary to have a few follow up visits so that Dr. Swoverland can make any necessary adjustments to both the bite and shape of the teeth.

With her restorations complete, Kim then went through her hair, makeup, and fashion changes. The final results are simply amazing!